Kall8 Review


Same experience as last complainer. They seem to have a pattern in the way they over-bill. Lots and lots of fake calls everymonth for which they charge and claim it”s not their fault if the number they gave to the customer supposedly gets calls from random numbers and customer has to pay for them. If it”s simply a barage of calls because the number was owned by someone else who got lots of random calls, then why doesn”t the same thing happen when I get a number from my phone or cell company? And why do so many customers experience the same thing? And why do they insist on charging the customer (while offering to change the number which doesn”t get rid of the problem)? I”ve taken this up with customer service and they refused to refund my money for the fake calls. Stay away from this company!! FCC please take a note and use these complaints as proof.

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