Kamille Bock – Reno, Nevada Nevada


Kamille is a 20 year old originally from Spanish Springs. She likes to make everyone think she’s a good person, but oh there’s some of us who know the truth. She is a homewrecker who is damn proud of her selfish ways. She slept with her boss’s son, in late 2017, many times, knowing well he was married, seeing his wife and kids at the office. She even posts about it on social media, of course the ones her parents don’t follow. She’ll even post about how terrible and trashy cheating is (see photos), the hypocrite. She “fell in lust”, immaturely thinking no one would know what really happened. Well, I’m here to change that. Ya see, Kamille, there’s a LOT of us who know the real you. The sh*tty person you are. This is The Biggest Little City, after all, and your secret is slowly leaking out. You’re a con artist, and karma WILL get you. We’re all hoping your future husband cheats on you, but not that there’s children involved, because we’re not awful like you. Have a good, life, ya cheap trick… cuz this mistake is not one that’s going to just go away.

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