Kannon Evins – Jonesboro, Arkansas Arkansas


My husband and I have been together since 2010 and by 2014 we were married with a two year old but the same year he started cheating on me with two separate girls and I couldn’t forgive him so we split up. A month after we split up I had done moved on and I found out that I was 6 weeks pregnant with my husband’s baby. My boyfriend accepted this but His girlfriend wanted me to get an abortion (which is one of the girls he cheated with) but I refused. So they’re on and off in a relationship for 2 years he’s cheated on her multiple times and she accepts it and lets him come back and they finally split up and move into seperate houses in seperate towns but they’re still messing around and the whole time he was with her he was constantly begging me to come back. Talking about how he hated being with her her and he just didn’t want to be alone so he’d keep her around until he was ready to come back. Now in 2016 he’s begged and begged me to come back and I’ve done become so depressed from him feeling my head with lies that I ruined my relationship. So I tell him we can try again as a family and the first two times that I tried getting back with him he told me no that he loved the other girl and then a week after the second time he come back to me and was like I just wanted you to know how I felt to be second choice. So me and my stupid self decided to give him another chance and move back in and here it is November (only 5 months down the road) and I found out 3 weeks ago he cheated with her again. She has both of us on Facebook and claim to not know we were together even though it was clearly on Facebook but she didn’t feel the need to ask before having sex with him because it was none of her business. And the only reason I found out is because my husband doesn’t trust me and told me he put spyware on my phone so I got curious as to if he really didn’t trust me and I looked it up and figured out his password and changed it so he couldn’t get back in it and it turned out that he put it on his phone and couldn’t figure out how to get it off that was his messages were all there to her. And she clearly knew we were together according to her texts. ever since I found out for the last 3 days he’s been crying and begging me to stay. Talking about how much he regretted it and it was a mistake.

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