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Complaint: they over charged me and charged me for made up services to take all my tuition We are pleased to inform you that Kaplan University has prepared your projected financial aid awards based on information provided to the university, and we have estimated these awards based on your enrollment status. This award letter may also be a revision to what was previously provided if your eligibility or information has changed. A change may have occurred if your enrollment status has changed since initially reviewing your financial aid eligibility. In addition to Federal and State resources, your financial plan, projected financial aid awards, and student payments, includes all sources of funding you may have disclosed to Kaplan University, including private scholarships, private loans, employer benefits, and veteran benefits. If you do not have enough funding to cover your estimated direct costs, you have been scheduled to make a student payment. Your estimated full cost of attendance associated with the academic year above is $20,329.00. We have awarded you financial aid up to your maximum eligibility or full cost of attendance. This may result in you borrowing Federal student loans above the direct cost of your education at the university. Any loan funds borrowed in excess of your direct cost will be provided to you, and it will be your responsibility to repay these loans according to their terms and conditions on your promissory note. Your estimated full cost of attendance is comprised of the below items: Direct Costs Tuition $11,130.00 Fees $951.00 Total $12,081.00 Indirect Costs Bank Fees $99.00 Computer $1,000.00 Personal Expense $1,530.00 Room Board $4,959.00 Travel $660.00 Total $8,248.00

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