Kaplan Higher Education, LLC Review


I’ve been having problems with Kaplan for over a year. They promised me (which I have email reocords of) that I would NOT be charged and would be able to withdraw during their “commit period”. Fast forward a few weeks ad when I go to withdraw, lo and behold, I cannot. They then tell me I owe them around $1100 USD for the late withdrawal. It infuriates me that they can do this and basically scam people out of they’re money. I am in the process of being called by collections on behalf of these frauds and I am seeking help from lawyers and other financial advisors as to what I can do. Hopefully someone here can help out or atleast point me in the right direction as who to contact to hopefully dispute these charges. Since this happened I have done a little research and saw that I wasn’t alone in this and I’m not sure if it’s comforting or just sad that this has happened to so many others. I wish I had the foresght at the time to look into this school but, as many others, I really felt I needed to get back to school and felt this would be a good way to go. .

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