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I bought a car from these crooks for $1500 on 9/10/2015 at 7pm. Drove the car to get home and it broke down 15 minutes away from the dealership at 7:26pm. They had already closed at 8pm so I had to wait until the next day to reach them. | The next day I called to talk to my sales rep Alaina and she wasnt availible so I talked to Brittany which placed me on hold as she talked to the owner. She came back to the phone and said the owner told her we bought the car as is. I explained I understood that but we didnt even have the car 1 hour and it broke down. I asked if we could get into another car valued at the same price we bought that car for and Brittany seemed scared to get involved in it for fear of her boss Ron. She told us to talk to Alaina maybe she could convince the owner to give us a refund or another car. Alaina refuses to take the calls. | I feel I have been ripped off for my $1500 and I wouldnt want anybody else to have to go threw this so I decide to post this and im not a person that post things…ever. Dont do Busines with these people.

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