Karen Cruz Mendoza – Hayward, California California


This seemingly decent young woman is nothing but a thirsty ass, white trash hoe. She can’t seem to leave my husband (her ex-boyfriend) alone. Mind you, we have three young children together. And while I cannot put the blame exclusively on her, it breaks girl code to go after a married man. Especially when she is married herself, and to someone who decided to play “captain save-a-hoe” no less. If that was me, I would’ve have been extraordinarily grateful to that kind hearted fool for accepting me with a child…instead she brings another man to their home, into their bed, while he was working. SMH. Get it together you basic ass bitch, have some dignity and quit begging after my husband. He left you for me years ago but if you so desperately long for my leftovers (because it seems like you do lol), you can absolutely have him.

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