Karen Denise White – Franklin, Tennessee Tennessee


This nasty woman Karen Denise White manipulated and slept with my husband of 28 years. I know her and considered her a good friend like many other women have. She tried to sleep with her own mothers boyfriend at one time and would flash her boobs at her 16 year old daughters boyfriends behind her back and laugh. She accused a close family member of assaulting her and even hit herself so she would have a bruise to show the police because she slept with her husband and was scared of what she might to do her when she found out, even threatened her young children if they didn’t lie for her in court, that was told to me by her young daughter that was terrified she would get caught lying for her mother. She lies and will do anything she can to get what she can from anyone and she doesn’t care who she has to hurt to get it.

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