Karen Sheen Fairport New York Review


I rented half of a house from Ms. Sheen from April 1, 2012 to April 1, 2013 and in November of 2012 found black mold growing inside of a closet that ruined boxes I had stored in there and clothing. Because she was not living on site at the time I was told to clean the closet out and they came a few weeks later to repair it. All was good til about Feb 2013 when I once again found mold in the kitchen growing on walls and floors so I notified them again and again was told to clean it with some solution she left me and to look around to see if it was anywhere else. Initially I did not find any however approximately a week later while cleaning out my bedroom closet I found a mess!!! Mold growing, and I mean green and grey hair all over my shoes, my clothing, more boxes I had stored in there and upon further inspection, on my mattress and bedroom furniture in the room. I again forwarded pictures and told her of the problem only to be told that when she asked me if there was any more anywhere else I told her no. I ended up very ill, on several doses of anti-biotics, inhalers and had to sleep on my couch in the living room to get away from the mold. I was again told to clean it with the solution she left. When I collected all my pictures of losses, dr. bills, the mattress growing mold, etc and forwarded them to her I was told that I had motives to collect money from her. I informed her that I would be moving and because she had not yet renewed my lease it was my right to do so and that she could take the 4 days of rent that i stayed after the first of the month out of my security she told me that she was not going to reimburse me for anything, that I should have found it sooner and told her, i would not receive my security deposit back and that she was going to file suit to get more rent money from me for breaking a lease. I tried to take her to small claims court, put together all my information, consulted with an attorney who told me I had a perfect case however she moved down to Florida and changed her address to her boyfriends even tho prior to that she was getting mail at the residence. She got livid with me for calling the health dept on her and reporting the issue to her insurance company. She then filed a claim with her insurance yet I got nothing from it. All in all I was out approximately $4500 between my clothing and shoe loss, mattress and box spring, moving expenses and doctor bills. She is now currently renting to new tenants and I would love to go knock on their door and tell them the hell they are living in…………………

4974 Marina Palms Dr Port Richey , Florida USA


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