Kari Jocelyn Scull – Pittston, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


This is Kari Jocelyn Scull. She graduated high schhol, joined the army, and within 2 months of getting home from her training, she managed to destroy a family. She knowingly began dating a married man with four children. After speaking to his wife and promising to stay away from him she continued to persue him. She tore the family apart. Thanks to her, the wife was so devestated and heart broken she tried to commit suicide. Once she was released from the hospital, she had to take their four children and move to another state. The children are devestated they lost their father to a girl a few years older then the oldest child. Kari preys on taken men, and once she is done with Joshua Vanloon, she will move on to another married or non single man. The man in the pictures is Joshua Vanloon, the man that left his four children and wife of ten years for the 19 year old homewrecker he met two weeks earlier. Both are in the United States National Guard in Scranton PA. Isnt it wonderful knowing we put our trust in soldiers that have no respect or morals?

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