Kari Oldham – Huntington, Arkansas Arkansas


So this bitch Kari Oldham from Huntington, Arkansas apparently thought it was okay to persue a man (and I say man lightly because he will be posted too) I was dating. Supposedly,she knew nothing about me. Anyways, I saw messages in my ex’s phone from him and her. He pretty much was giving her the “pillow talk” bullshit. Well when I saw the messages I decided I would let her know that he is taken. Which she told me she did not know. But after the fact she found about me she still continued to pursue him. Sending him naked pictures of her nasty ass saggy boobs. And messages like “I’m sorry I couldn’t get you off”. So I let her know she’s nothing but a side chick who he called to get easy pussy. When at the end of it all he was begging ME not to leave,laying in bed with ME, and spending his time with ME. But in the end he turned out to be a verbally abusive asshole. So Kari you can have him but to let you know ladies of Arkansas this bitch will sleep with any man for anything especially a refrigerator lol.

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