Karin Sandstrom (GETZ) – Pittston, Pennysylvania Pennsylvania


I met this women during her divorce. We meet for dinner and that night afater dinner we went back to her house and all she wanted was sex. We started a relationship and that is where things went bad. After about a year she hides you from her ex-husband which he is a control freak, and she can’t cook, can’t clean, the house is a total mess for a 200.000 home between the cats and the dogs, and come to find out how unstable she realy is cause she has female athlete triad, she wont admit it. But she is so broke never has money cause she is house poor, So trust me, this woman will drive you to see a therapist. One day she tells you that she loves you and the next she says this aint going to work out. And there are so mamy other issues with her, so please stay away from her. She will be in the Pittston to Wilkes-Barre and possibly the Back MT area. And she has no friends. She is just out for you to feel sorry for her. When she has her kids you wont see her cause she is trying to do that mom thing, and dont trust her if she says she is home cause she problely isn’t home. She is over some other guys house looking for sex or someone to feel sorry for her. Dont get involved in the drama in her life.

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