Karina Hilario – Bradenton, Florida Florida


My husband met this women as he was her manager and started talking to each other around March. The month after she and her husband and kids show up to my childs birthday party by this time they were already sleeping with each other and she had the nerve to show up. Months go by I leave to Mexico so my son can meet his parents and he brings her to my house, my bed all while she abandons her kids to stay at my home until I return. Two months go by and her husband shows up at my door saying my husband got her pregnant. She admits to it all says she wants an abortion and i give her the money for it. A day later she saids she can get way more if she has the kid, her husband took her back and says I should forgive my husband because it was just business. Then again she came to my house, my bed and had sex with my husband while staring at pictures of our family.

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