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In June 2012 I was admitted to the hospital for preterm labor at 33 weeks with my 3rd child. I spent 3 weeks before delivering him. During those 3 weeks my husband of 8 years begun getting close with a female soldier from his national guard unit that just happened to live in our town. She was married, 8 years younger, had a son close to our 2nd sons age and he never told me about her even as a friend, never mentioned her or anything. || Fast forward 3 weeks and his unit goes to do their annual 3 week summer training. Im left at home with 3 kids including a 3 week old. While he is gone he becomes very distant. Barely texts or calls yet is on facebook all the time. I start getting suspicious when this girl starts uploading photos of him and her, I ask him about her because in the photos it just seemed like something was up. He said shes a friend thats all and got very defensive and we fought a lot that last week before he got home. Once he was home we fought that whole weekend and he was adamant that nothing was going on that she was just a friend. He left for work out of town after being home for two days and two days later he sends me a text saying he needed to tell me something. I knew in my gut what he was going to say so I told him to tell me now, so he texted me and said that he was in love with her and that they had spent every second of AT together and that by the way he had slept with our neighbor a year earlier (did a separate submission about her Suzann Burks) I lost it and told him he was going to drive home after work and I was taking our two older boys to my moms. It was 8pm by the time he got to our house and I made him tell me every single detail. I just had to know. During the three weeks she confided in him about her husbands affair with a younger woman (talk about irony) and how she missed her son, and she injured herself and he took care of her waiting on her hand and foot even carrying her from place to place, he said they made out every chance they could and snuck away after lights out almost every night, that they did not have sex and she never touched his penis not once but that he did everything you could to her, without having sex, he said he was in love with her but when they got back she told him to go be with his wife (she was using him as we found out later not only was she still married but she had a boyfriend the whole time too) After talking until 2am (we cried, talked, tried to figure out what to do, I gave him a list of things he had to do in order for me not to kick his ass out) when he needed to leave to go back to work at 4am he gave me a kiss as he was leaving and started crying saying he knew he was kissing me but still felt her lips. It broke me. || I confronted her and asked how she could do that after being cheated on herself and knowing how it felt. She said and I quote”you can be mad at me if you want but Im not the one that made vows to you”. It’s been two years, he is no longer in the guard but we still live in the same town as she does. He has had zero contact with her but I unfortunately have seen her around town many many times. She even jaywalked in front of my car one day :- .

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