Karrie Hilburn – Jay, Oklahoma Oklahoma


This girl Karrie Hilburn has harrased my friends best friend of years. She will sleep with any guy who’s in the military as she has two kids with two different baby daddy’s who are both in the military and trying to get as much of their money as she can because she is to stuck up to work and she will only spend the money she gets for them on things for her self. She waited almost 3 year to tell the father of her son and ruined his marriage and tore his family apart because of her continuous harassment nonstop. Never going to the girls husband only her. She has two Facebooks. One for family and close friends. Second for meeting men and hoojing of with men. Every single one is in the military. She only want them because no one else will have her. If your in the area near a Navy base or a Marine base stay the hell away from her. She mostly goes after sailors and Marines. Many once in a while air Force and army. But sticks to the navy and marine corps alot more.

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