Karyn Thrush – Okemos, Missouri Michigan


So my husband works at a kids camp, and unfortunately so does Karyn. He was unmedicated bipolar and BPD at the time so I honestly don’t blame him given the emotional side effects. This whore, this gutless sociopath, she had met me, my son and our 3 month old baby. This lowly piece of trash decided to go after MY HUSBAND. They only kissed but she tried to do more and caused emotional turmoil. All while smiling to my face when I would come up there during the week… then has the balls to say, well I had nothing against you… WELL THEN WHY PURSUE MY, MY HUSBAND! ATTEMPT TO DESTROY MY FAMILY! Because your childish 27 year old skank ass can’t find someone to love the empty shell that is you. Well good luck to you whore. I sent the conversation you admitting it and me telling you how you hurt me to my soul, almost destroyed my baby’s family to your mom, dad, grandparents, and to the gossips at work who already hate you. Now everyone knows behind that fake smile, your false innocence, that inside you are a rotting sociopathic w****.

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