Kate Catalina – Denver, Colorado Colorado


So I’m in another country looking after a sick relative and again, husband goes out on tour. || This is as much detail as I have.  “I was djing at a party and I met a girl there, and she took a photo of us on my phone, and got me to send it to her that’s how I got her number, then she said she’d take me to a strip club, so we went, and then I took her back to my hotel and f*cked her”.  Now he didn’t tell this girl he was married, which pissed me off even more to start with, so I thought, hey, age of social media, I’ll add this c*nt. || So I did, I was very nice, I said”Hi, how are you, by the way I’m _______’s wife” || She responded with”Oh aren’t you cheeky” || Now between this and her comment on the photo of them together”this was a REALLY fun night ;)” || I’d had it, so I wrote back”really? why cheeky?” || She put”oh I don’t know.. I thought it sounded cute…” || I was like”Really? Because I’d call cheeky sleeping with someone’s husband, and that’s not cute” || She blocked me after that, needless to say. || She is another example of a groupie, I know of other musicians she frequently visits on tour or at home. || I really don’t understand what girls get out of it. || katecatalina.com || I guess ask her yourself: 720 261 5057

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