Katelyn “Kate” Miller – Baltimore, Maryland Maryland


Katelyn “Kate” Miller basically ruined my marriage, knowing the fact that my husband is married with a child and his wife is pregnant with another, yet she slept around with him. I won’t only blame her my husband is equal involved. Then this chick†had nerves to message me on fb and tell everything after my husband told her they were done sleeping around. This druggie apparently wanted more as he gave her money†which she used to buy herself drugs! Not satisfied with that… she wen’t along and started sleeping with my husbands friend†and co-worker. She is a real HOMEWRECKER! Keep ur men away from this girl!!! My second pregnancy was the worst. I†have been so depressed in my life and to this day†I still canít forgive my husband he begs for my forgiveness and wants me to take him back. Itís hard as he was my first love and first everything. Life is miserable, females like this donít understand how much damage they do on the other person, what’s their problem?

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