Katelyn Pfeifer – Jersey City, New Jersey New Jersey


This crack head looking chick couldn’t care less that my husband is been with me for 19 years and has 2 kids. She knowingly went on with the affair for a good 3years. He is the cause that my husband was not giving 100% at home. She’s a bartender, waitress and drinks throughout the day, smokes pot and snorts coke and this is what she shared with my husband. She has no concience and even had the audacity to kiss me and my children when we were at the restaurant for Mother’s Day. She is cold hearted and doesn’t care that my children are affected. My son came to see her at her workplace, took a picture of her to send to his father and this woman blew a kiss and smiled. This bitch looks like gollum from lord of the rings and just like gollum she is selfish and cold hearted.

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