Katelynn Morris – Haverhill, Massachusetts Massachusetts


Let me lay it out for you….. Katelyn Morris is a crackhead from Haverhill. She thought it would be a good idea to wife up her best friends husband. She started sneaky and slow. Her friend was gone for a while…..so she gave him a place to stay (her bed). All the while, she decided to tell her best friend that shes making sure he is doing all the right things. Shes telling her that shes watching him for her. Keeping his head on straight. The only thing she was watching was her crack pipe. She did nothing but get messed up with him. Encouraged the dumbass behavior. BTW he is just as to blame for this. These two actually think that they are in LOVE. LMAO! That’s the drugs sweety. So….for all you nasty men who think that seeing this Crack Smoking, Rock Chewing, Dope Smoking Skank in the future is a good idea, please PLEASE wrap that shit up and get f*cking tested because the absolute last thing this world needs is any of her demon spawn running around.

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