Katherine Jensen – Rochester, New York New York


Details Kate who now goes by “Katie Marie” has really enjoyed being a complete and total psychotic whore through Rochester NY over the last few years. This swine has given a brand new definition to the term “groupie” through the music scene. Over the last 5 years or so she has stalked, manipulated and slept with multiple men when in relationships. She has cheated on her last and current boyfriend multiple times with their friends and fellow musicians. She has also slept with other women’s boyfriends knowing they are in relationships. Manipulating them with filthy pictures, masterminded attempts and despicable behavior. Literally almost exactly how a pedophile would condition their victim. “Its no big deal if you cheat, this will be our special connection”. Even better the few people who knew the truth about her and all of her lies and twisted sick behaviors, she went on smear campaigns to slander them and turn everyone she could against them because she needed to cover up all of her sick and whore-ish actions. She also used her access to a hospital system to snoop through a lot of peoples private and protected medical records. She did this to her ex boyfriends new girlfriend 10 times in a year and then ran around telling everyone that people were making it up and that his girlfriend is a vengeful lying psycho even with written legal proof. She cornered at least 60 people over a year and a half time every chance she could to slander and lie about her ex and his girlfriend making up stories to try to manipulate them into her twisted sick lies. He current boyfriend also has joined smearing these people and defending this gutter slut while driving wedges between so many people. Blaming others and saying its everyone else trying to make people hate her and how they have a strange vendetta against them. When everything is because of this filth pig. Kate is a lying, manipulative sociopath who desperately wants every single man to want her and fuck no matter who gets hurt. At least 20 men have come forward with how while she has been in relationships, that she has pursued then and tried to seduce them. A lot of women do not even know that this THOT has chased after their men and sh*t talked them either. She has caused so many issues with so many people relentlessly, breaking federal and civil laws to stalk and invent more lies just to make herself look better. because its everyone else fault. No amount of hours in the mirror, makeup, chin hair shaving, girdles,cleavage, editing selfies and stalking others to emulate their likes to be more appealing to them will ever truly mask this sows destructive and relentless whore behavior. So keep an eye on your men Rochester ladies because she certainly is too!

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