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Long STORY! I am writing this on behalf of my best friend, my other half; she is like my sister, my oldest friend in the world. This HW has made her life hell. Here is her story. She married her husband when she was 19 and he was 21. She had a daughter from a previous relationship and he seemed wonderful with her. She even allowed him to adopt her. After about a year, they had another daughter together. Everyone, she, her family, her friends, his friends, everyone, thought their relationship was great. They had their ups and downs, just as any marriage. She gave up a lot for him, but she loved him and had loved him since she was 14. His family was assholes to her and she put up with their behavior. His mother was horrid to her and was constantly being a backstabbing cow. She had caught him in countless lies, found pictures of other female’s genitals on his phone, you name it, and she found it. She loved him and tried so hard to forgive. In October of 2008, they separated and she moved out with their two daughters (her oldest she allowed him to adopt). It was the hardest time of her life, I tried being there for her, but it was hard on her. He continued to come around and beg her to go back. She helped him get a good job with a close friend of her family, so maybe they could start working on their finances, thinking this might help them. He continued to hide money and she had no idea why he couldn’t help with anything. They tried counseling, she tried getting him to communicate, but the lies and hiding continued. She joined the Army and in early 2009, left for Basic Training later that year. Before she left, she thought they would start trying to reconcile. He agreed. Unbeknownst to her, this female, had come into their life like a cancerous, stagnant tumor. In fact, by the time my best friend left, this female was already pregnant. || While my best friend was gone, she tried to write letters to her husband, call when she could, send cards and money back home to him and their daughters. He took the money she sent and helped support this nasty HW. He refused to allow her to talk to her kids and sent all the letters back as”undeliverable”. When she returned home in May 2010, she was devastated that she thought they were trying to work stuff out, but again, she found Facebook messages between him and other females. My best friend still had no idea this HW was in their life. In July of 2010, the HW gave birth to a baby boy. She had no idea. Her husband and this female hid it very well. For the next year, my best friend and her husband (at the time) struggled. She couldn’t understand why he was always lying, where the money was going and what was going on. In December of 2010, she decided to follow her dream and start a career in law enforcement. She started a job at the local jail and absolutely loved it, I hadn’t seen her so happy in a long time, I was so excited for her. It helped with her self-esteem and she started to not care about what he was doing. He started leaving for days and not telling her where he was going or who he was with. Like the strong mother and woman she was, my best friend went on raising her daughters. She put up with him playing mind games with her and her kids, with the hope that someday, she would be able to leave and be happy and not have to deal with him or his shit any more. She still had no idea this female was in her life, like a weasel, spending time with her husband, behind her back, like a rat in waiting. || In July 2011, my best friend became pregnant with their third child. It wasn’t the best time to conceive as she was finishing the police academy and she had no idea she was pregnant. As the adventurous person she is, she planned an extravagant trip for her and her husband to celebrate their 7th anniversary. The day before they were supposed to leave, he disappeared, didn’t tell her where he was until about an hour before they left. What a piece of shit. Of course, the entire trip was on my best friend’s dime. About a week after they came back she called me with the news of her new pregnancy. She also told me how she found out her numbers weren’t good and she had somehow contracted an STD. The only man she had been with was her husband. Her baby died and she had a D&C September 2011. She was and still is devastated about the loss of her baby. She blamed herself for killing the baby and no one understood how her husband wasn’t caring or even upset. His own family was happy she lost the baby. In her daze, she brought herself to believe the death of her baby was a sign from God and used it as a reason to leave and get out for good. Her and her soon to be ex continued to talk and she wanted nothing more than to remain friends and be cordial with each other. About two weeks after her miscarriage, she started feeling something was going on. One day after work, he was at my best friend’s house dropping off their daughters. She even tried to sit him down and get the truth out of him. She knew there was someone else, but he refused to give it up. We all knew there was something going on, but no one could have guessed he had knocked up this HW again!!! He didn’t even wait a month after he made my best friend lose her baby. || They had both agreed to let the other one know if there was someone else around the children. His behavior would be a sign of his lack of honesty and unwillingness to be a man for the things to come. He had been taking the children to see this HW and had even told them she was their new mom! Their son was calling him “Daddy” in front of the children and he told them they couldn’t tell my friend or they would get in trouble. A couple of weeks passed and my friend met someone at her work, she thought he was amazing. They were just friends at first, as she was still trying to heal and figure out what she wanted. We all liked him. He was nothing like her deadbeat POS husband. When she thought they were going to get serious, she immediately told her soon to be ex and he demanded to meet him. She called her then friend and had him go on break and stop by her house his job allowed him some freedom to leave on breaks. He stopped by and introduced himself to her estranged husband. After this, she introduced him to her kids. A few weeks passed and like clockwork, the asshole disappeared, again, but not before coming to my friend’s house at 2 am and being chased out of the backyard by new bf!! How humorous! He was supposed to be up at the HW’s house and instead was creeping around my friend’s house because he was JEALOUS!!! While he had disappeared, her daughters went to her mom and told her everything. Told her about the HW, the son, who they were told was their brother, how they were staying at the HW’s house and how they weren’t allowed to talk about their mommy because they had a new mommy. She of course tried to call her estranged husband to find out what the hell was going on, but like the pussy he is, hid from her calls and refused to answer. When he finally came back, he denied even knowing this disgusting HW. He swore he wouldn’t sleep with “someone like that”, denied they were together and only admitted to knowing her after he was confronted with the stories that my friend had been told by their kids. He couldn’t even tell her who the father of the son was, he had to go through three different men! These dirt bags ran my best friend through the dirt. There has been so much that has happened, it would take weeks to go through it all. This lovely piece of ass, lied on a police report and said my friend “assaulted” her with a car door. Really?? A car door? My friend, who has been trained in hand to hand combat, knows how to kill, yet is scared of a spider, supposedly hit her with the car door. Please. Of course it never happened and this scum was ordered to drop all charges as the judge knew she was only doing it to get my friend in trouble and fired from her dream job. My friend started to put everything together and realized it wasn’t her fault her baby died, wasn’t her fault the marriage failed, knew where the money was going and knew where he had been disappearing to. Sad thing is this HW had a bf when she met my friend’s husband, she lied to him too and he died before being able to be told the truth. Sad that man went to his grave thinking he had been loved by a trashy HW. My friend requested to meet this HW and was met with opposition and hatred. She was told that the HW “didn’t want anything to do with her”. This HW had even started telling people that she was going to do everything in her power to take the girls from their mom, as she was the mommy now. Bitch is crazy! || My friend filed a PO against her ex and it was granted. Her daughters started coming home with bruises and no explanations. Her ex started to not communicate with her and then she found out she was pregnant with her new bf’s child. It was the most inopportune time for her and believe me, she wasn’t planning it. She saw this as she given the opportunity to have another baby. She tried to make things as normal as possible for her children, but apparently her ex and this HW had other plans. They have done everything in their power to alienate the children when they are in their care. They didn’t even tell his kids about the newest pregnancy! || My best friend had her baby last year and has since broken up with the dad. She is happy, except for the fact this HW tries to file bogus charges and “stalking injunctions” when she tries to contact her kids when they’re with their dad. My friend lost her job due to the erroneous charges (which were eventually dropped because she recorded her ex admitting they lied) and the drama this HW brings. She remains strong, but every now and then you can tell it has worn her down. She doesn’t trust and doesn’t understand how someone can be pure evil. || What is funny is while this HW was pregnant with the child, she didn’t know who the father was. Since the birth of the newest child (which is a month older than my friend’s) they have had two DNA tests done to find out the father’s identity (neither one has been found to be the father)! The son was found to NOT be my friend’s ex-husband’s and he is stuck dealing with this HW’s controlling behavior. || We all say he stays because she provides, the house, the car, EVERYTHING. He doesn’t even have a bank account! He can’t even look at another female and if my friend tries to talk to him about the girls or co-parent, she is met with stalking injunctions from this female! It’s sad, so if anyone is in the Ogden/Salt Lake area, WATCH OUT. THIS HW doesn’t care if your man is in a relationship, he legs will spread… hopefully you won’t catch what she has! Luckily for my friend, it was curable, but who knows what this HW has now, it has been two years! || Oh and I tried to upload a pic with her getting a dollar sucked out of her tits by a disgusting nasty female… but for some reason it won’t load. You can google her name and look at all the images of her. || || >

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