Katherine Lefever/Lada – Columbus, Ohio Ohio


This peach right here Katherine Lefever/Lada whatever name she’s using at the moment is a HOMEWRECKER. Despite a wedding ring and children and a wife being in the hospital in ICU it would seem she still has no shame in climbing into another woman’s bed with said woman’s husband. She trashed my home while I was gone in the hospital leaving used tampons around and heroine needles under my mattress that she indulged in with my addict now ex husband who was trying to recover. She’s not completely at fault as that dumbfk is equally to blame for allowing her into our home and he continued his nasty ways and is with some Trina chcik now but that’s a different story for a different day, but anyways Katherine had all the knowledge to make a righteous and moral decision but chose not to. She destroyed our marriage felt no remorse and then fled to Dallas, Texas according to Facebook to wreck yet another happy home. She is to my knowledge currently shacked up with a man who WAS engaged to a woman who couldn’t live at the home due to her being stationed on a military base because she is serving our country. Once Katherine, or Katie as she calls herself, moved in the 5 year engagement was broken off and she has no remorse for that either. I guess the whole reason she even ended up in Columbus, Ohio where we lives is because her husband divorced her, can you guess why? Yes. She cheated on him with almost 10 different men starting while her husband was in the military and deployed according to my now ex husband, he told me this as he was also crying and telling me what a mistake she was and begging me for a second chance. Anyways once her husband was done with her she fled from Texas to Ohio to slum it up on her mommy and daddy’s couch which unfortunately was our neighbors. She is so fake and obnoxious and treats her own children like they are dogs, literally. She’s an embarrassment. She even brought her children into my home to stay the night while I was in the hospital and let them sleep on my floor. What woman brings her 2 children along for an affair?! I now understand why the courts didn’t give her custody of her kids and why she only has scheduled visitation rights. Chick is trash. She constantly acts like she is high on drugs, is too loud and acts quite childish, her own kids even look embarrassed when she starts talking and jumping around like a spaz. Watch out, nobody is safe, she couch surfs from one slum to another just looking for anyone to foot the note. She works but it’s only to support herself and her habits and her ugly car. Beware of this “Charming” snake.

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