Kathleen Natasha – Belleville, Michigan Michigan


This is a heartless one, seducing a married man right in front of her dying father! Her heart & focus were NOT in the proper place! This homewrecking hoe is not only heartless but also nasty & VERY deceitful. Here are some facts on Kathleen Natasha. She met my family & me at the hospital when we went to visit our friend. He had been in a VERY bad motorcycle accident resulting in him being in a coma. During the times my husband went to the hospital without my son & me, Kathleen was trying VERY VERY hard to seduce him. She was also asking him to leave me (his wife of 25+ years) & his job of 20+ years to open a Christmas tree farm with her! She repeatedly tried to talk him into it as well as repeatedly trying to be sexual with him, all the while pretending to be kind & grateful to me for all the care & support I was giving to her. Kathleen asked me why her father turned green before he died(RIP my friend & savior of my marriage). I believe he turned color because of the shame in his heart & soul. He just could not stay in this world anymore watching his daughter’s sinful actions happening right in front of him. I believe my friend died to prevent his daughter from being around my husband ever again. I am more sad for him bearing witness to his own daughter’s sinful ways then she will EVER be! Shame on you Kathleen! I know this is exactly what her father would say if he were able. I would like to warn people to be careful of her as not only is she a heartless homewrecker, but she has been known to hire on as a nanny. During time I spent with her I saw repeated abuse of pain medications(she just pops them in & CHEWS them up!), and she has admitted a history of alcoholism as well as a few ‘daddy’ stories from homes she nannied for. Nasty girl!!

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