Kathleen Raynor Davis – Kennewick, Washington Washington


I am horrified by this story. I know this woman personally and she has painted a very different picture of herself. Completely. She needs professional help. I do not buy the story at all. No therapist would advise this heartless bash, and feeble attempt to destroy someone. There are many people hurt by her deceitful, truly psychotic behavior. In every aspect of her life, her need to be powerful and in control of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. She isn’t rational. The comment about saving data for ammuntion is beyond low. I will warn everyone I know about who she really is. This seems to be a common thread among these HOMEWRECKERS, the need to play all the roles, taking whatever side benefits them. I hope your family is healing, She will eventually burn every bridge she has, it’s just a matter of time. How sad for everyone in her wake.

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