Katie Ann King aka Kate King – Fitchburg, Massachusetts Massachusetts


I’m so happy I googled this piece of trash and found this site. I hope this exposes this junkie for who she is. Katie not only fucked my man, but she let my man’s friends run a train on her dirty ass! She’s so disgusting he caught Clamydia from her then so did I. He’s a piece of sh*t and we aren’t together but we have a child together and she knew that. I guess she’s pretty well known for being a whore but I never heard of her til then. She’s got something like 3 or 4 kids, all with different men and she doesn’t have any of them. She’s a drug addict who has always put men and drugs before her kids from what I was told. Someone said she should be sterilized but I think her legs should be sewn shut. She has no respect for herself.

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