Katy Wolf – Lufkin, Texas Texas


This girl right here was married to a good man for four years and that was four years she managed to sleep with just about every drug addict in the small neighborhood they lived in. When those guys who she took pictures with and a sexual type manner which is how we know she did it one tonight for her anymore she decided that two not one but two of her husband’s best friends were better targets there would’ve been three but the other one said no one of which was her husband very best friend. She convinced her husband that because this friend had nowhere else to live that they should let him move in with them and so he agreed because this guy was his best friend and the gear that he lived with them she was sleeping with this guy daily while her husband was gone to work making money to take care of the both of them thinking he was doing a good thing and when she got pregnant they were ecstatic because they were going to have another baby girl they told hisentire family. Everyone was so happy about the new baby. But when he found out that she had been sleeping with his best friend he kicked him out and she went back to sleeping with whatever else that she could find while also still trying to say whenever she could the best friend. Well little did she know a girl who she thought was her friend really wasn’t this girl was very upset and disgusted with the way that she treated her husband and so she pretended to be her friend for those four years trying to get enough proof to show him who he was really married to. When she finally did she want to tell him the girl Kate. Was supposed to be gone for the weekend visiting a girlfriend of hers which was a lie she was actually staying the weekend with the best friend so the girl who figured all this out when over to their house and told him what was going on. || She had finally proven with pictures phone calls text messages and everything that his wife had been cheating on him for these four years with at least six other men doing absolutely horrible things such as inviting them over messing around with them in the back room of their home and then going into the living room where her husband wasn’t making out with him just because she could and the guy thought it was funny . Well while the girl was over there telling her husband what happened one thing led to another and on his the spare him and the other girl slept together and Kate came home and saw her getting dressed and completely freaked out like she had any right to you after everything that she had done to him to break his heart and to ruin his life. After finding out a proof her to leave and four months later him in this call got together and they’ve been happy ever cents while hate that with the best friend within three days of being told to leave and after she left we got DNA results and that proved that the new baby everybody was so happy about was actually the best friends baby and it was never her husbands it destroyed his entire family broke everyone’s heart. Not to mention the friends of his that she was sleeping with her girlfriends that she pretended to be friends with to their faces while she was actually sleeping with their boyfriends behind their back’s because that’s the kind of person that she is there anyone feels like they need some she would probably be the want to go to because she’s always willing to put out and fact her current boyfriend is actually OK with it because he knows that he can’t stop her anyway so he just lets her do it . It’s actually a really sad story that a woman who had such a great man like she did could do such horrible things to him and ruin his life that way sleeping with his best friends and convincing him a child is his that isn’t like she did it is absolutely pathetic.

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