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Complaint: Christiaan A. Webb MD is a deadbeat dad. He owns Katy Women’s Health Center in Katy, Texas. He lives in a 5 bedrroom, 3.5 bathroom home, with his boat, his wife, her 3 children, and a new baby. He has 2 older daughters that are his from his first marriage. He stopped paying child support, as ordered per the divorce decree, for his 9 year old daughter in November of 2010. He currently is in arrears over $14,000.00. He also has stopped paying for his 9 year old daughter’s health insurance, as ordered in the divorce decree. He also stopped paying for the car insurance on his oldest daughter’s car and didn’t inform ANYONE for 6 months. He let his daughter drive her car without insurance without saying a word. He can afford to pay for health insurance for his new family, have a boat, 2 cadillacs, and spend all of his money on himself, etc., but he has chosen to cut off his first 2 children. He delivers babies for a living at Katy Women’s Health Center. Yet he’s a deadbeat dad. How many patients would like to their babies delivered by a deadbeat dad?

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Address: 1902 Sparrows Ridge, Katy, TX 77450 Katy, Texas United States of America

Website: http://[email protected]/

Phone: 281-829-3500

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