Kauai Beach Resort Monticello Kentucky Review


My husband & I stayed here 2/21-2/24/14. When we arrived back from dinner we decided to valet our rental car as we needed to leave for the airport and had 2 heavy bags. The resort charges $16.95 per day whether you valet or park yourself. When we came down, our car was sitting out front, the valet helped us put in the luggage and off we went to return the car. Alamo pointed out the damage when we arrived. You had to look under the front to see it, apparently they ran over a curb. We called from Alamo to report it and were told the manager would call back, she never did. I tried to call daily and could not get anyone to take responsibility. Our insurance agent said that with our $500 deductible and the fact that our rates would increase, it would be unproductive for us to claim. On April 22, Mr. Bulla Eastman returned my call and apologized as the Manager of the resort was on emergency leave and he would investigate. Here is the response: “There is no evidence that the hotel caused the damage to your vehicle.”” It is obvious if you do $700 in damage to a car

you are going to feel the accident. The valet did not report it and since we didn’t see the damage

we are stuck. What a ripoff

we spent over $1000 at this resort

I would think they would treat customers with a little more respect!”

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