Kaufman’s Wedding World Stewartsville New Jersey Review


In January the Bride’s Dress and Maid of Honor dress was paid for in full as per the store policy. The company did not order the dress till April 1st as per their mistake. When we followed up on the Maid of Honor dress, we received nasty rebuttals but no dress. It is now July 1st and the dress is now where in site. nHere are the emails we have received in regards to the dress. What kind of operation are they running? I wonder how they stay in business. nOn January 10, 2004 I purchased a bridesmaid dress from the Allentown location. As per store policy I paid in full. The nightmare began…it is now June 16 2004 and the location for the last six months has done nothing but consistantly given me the run around. nBack in April the bride received a call stating that my dress had not yet been ordered because the other bridesmaid had not called in her size. There was no other bridesmaid and now a rush order had to be placed on my dress. After hearing of the mix up I called and they had lost my order. At that time we began checking on the brides dress. The person who took our order wrote the wedding date as May 17 2004 to ensure that the order was in promptly. May 17 came and no call. nOn the May 18 we went to the store to check on the status. They ashured me that it was on order and it would be in shortly. I comment that they were lucky the wedding wasn’t yesterday because they failed to provide us with the dress. There seemed to be a collective lack of concern by the staff. I began writing letters and Mr. Kaufman stepped in and the dress arrived the next week. nI am still waiting for a call from the store and after looking into the business I see that I am not the only one who has experienced such poor service. I called again today and they ashure me my dress is on order (like all the other times). So far the dress is now 30 days past the deliver date. Last time I called they said it would be in at the end of July..the wedding is july 24! The battle continues. nBuyers beware. Kaufmans has proven to be unreliable, and a rip off. When asked what their refund policy is for undelievered mercandise they claim it has never happened! Clearly there have been many dissatisfied customers. nLisaneaston, PennsylvanianU.S.A. n7:58:48 PM Modified: 6/28/2004 12:08:06 AM nour “poor service”” n Lisa- Look I hope I am right when I say your mature enough to understand that life isn’t always fair. Taking it out on us- the employees that serve you the customer hand and foot and do everything possible to get your dress in on time

there is no need to treat us they way you do. And honestly

complaining the childish way your doing

isn’t getting your dress here any faster

and neither is calling our store everyday! If your so unsatisfied with your dresses being in so late

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