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So my husband and I have been having rough times. Every marriage does right? Well in December last year I found out that I was pregnant. Things got rough and we decided to take a break. I moved with my mom to Oklahoma. Every day for three months he would ask me to come home and work out our marriage. I kept telling him that I wanted him to prove to me that things would be different. He then started me only once a week to work out our marriage. I asked him if he was getting his shit straight if he was, then yes I would. He broke his phone so I didn’t have contact with him for awhile. A little while before our son was born he got a new phone. We talked a lot. I missed my husband and wanted to come home. The day after our son was born he called me and asked me if I would come home and work out our marriage again. I told him yes. || Two days after I was released from the hospital (I had to have an emergency c-section) I find out from this girl that she’s been living and screwing my husband since April. I was beyond pissed and felt betrayed. When I confronted my husband he got mad and defensive. Said that I never asked the right questions when I did ask about her. So I told her that all about him asking me to work out or marriage pretty much every day since February. She told me that he was just a piece of ass to her that she didn’t have feelings for him. I told him this and he got even more mad, telling me that I was a shit starter and ect. Well I have posted some of the pics from she’s a homewrecker and she had the nerve to comment on one where it says if he is married he’s not your bf, hubby, etc you’re just his whore. She replied and what’s wrong with that. She has no self respect, no respect for our marriage or our son. He lives in the house that WE are buying from his family so when I file the divorce I’m taking the house. Plain and simple so they better enjoy it while they’ve got it. || I also included a picture of my cheating, lying, pos husband. His name is James Green aka Pudd.

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