Kayla Lynn Motley – Sprice Pine, North Carolina North Carolina


This std whore is the worst kind of female she will smile in your face and trys to become your friend but the first time you leave her alone with your husband /boyfriend she will be trying to sleep with them or suck them off. For her fix i was stupid enuff to think this hoe was my friend i even looked at her like a lil sister but she is a narcissistic sociopath i tryed and tryed to help her lost soul but there is no helping for her she tired to sleep with one of my ex when we were still together a couple of years ago and now she has made several passes at my husband when she use to take him to work and she would make up a bunch of drama and try to get us to fight and separate even tho she has a 45 year old man taking care of her oh mind you she is only 22 the poor guy is so stupid he dosent belive any one that trys to tell him she cheats on him . she had even tryed to sleep with her own sisters husban when they had just separated. She really belives that she has “special powers” and is a vampire and can take powers form people thats why men love her lol ladys stay far away from this one.

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