Kayleigh Gomez – Deland, Florida Florida


This gutter whore dated my husband throughout his teenage years. When I got with him she always would text and call him or facebook him. Well after we got married they ran into eachother at earthday birthday and he took her to his hotel roo. There began there affair. He would drive out to deland pick her up take her to a hotel room and spend the night with her. New years 2014 he asked me if she could move in because her boyfriend was beating her. I had known the girl from high school. We were friends so i agreed. 2 days after she moved in my husband moved out of my room and into hers. They would disapeer at night. I asked him where they would go. And he said she was a hooker and thats how she made a living. She stayed with her ex fiance all the time because he paid her to have sex with him and he paid her to stay with him. She even made my husband start paying her for sex. She also had a very nasty herione addiction. She would go into the bathroom shoot up and fall asleep on the toliet. One time my husbands roomate had to break down the door to make sure she was alive. While she was living there and dating my husband she hit on his roomate.

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