Kaysi Pisano – Cape Cod, Massechusetts Massachusetts


So this woman Kaysi Pisano not only talks dirty to guys in relationships through messages, she facetimes him while his girlfriend is at WORK. She also sends nudes with her nasty ass messy room in the background. She was mailing him clothes from a thrift shop (wicked thrift) that her family owns. My guess is at first he was using her for free stuff until it turned sexual. He is at fault too for letting her in but who in their right mind sends nudes especially to a taken man yet says how nervous she was that HIS GF was on his phone while they were on a FAMILY camping trip (she got mad at him because he “lied” and told her he was going to vermont but was really camping with his GF and her family she said “i don’t like liars” lmao you will never be someone’s main you will always get lied to karmas a b*tch. telling him “i wish you were here so i can rip your clothes off”, “i just wanna kiss you” “i need to see you soon” he asked her “so how much of a freak are you” she said “you gotta find out yourself and you will soon” the gf had the night off from work one day and this nasty sl*t KAYSI messaged him while he was sitting right next to his gf “sucks that i can’t see you tonight (meaning facetime). I just hope she realizes if they cheat to be with you they’ll do the same to you. He’s never physically cheated on his gf (or so he claims) the messages they exchanged and sending/receiving nudes is more than half way there.

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