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Seller used Ebay to sell a car, they misrepresented amlost every single aspect of the vehicle. | The car doesn’t even start. The interior fabric covering such that it is was held together with silver duct tape. The release levers for both the trunk and hood are both inoperable. The light and other electric system functions are almost all malfunctioning if they work at all. | It was stated to be a rust free California car, undernead the rear bench in the VW Karmann Ghia there is visible rust across the entire area. Rubber seals around windows are either falling off, installed incorrectly, or held on with duct tape. The paint was damaged at the rear trunk area. The manual stick shift seems to have some sort of problem, but I can’t even get the car started to see if the gears work or not. | This entire situation is a nightmare from start to finish. Considering all my options including going to Kansas where they are located and filing in small claims court as that would cost less than shipping the darn thing back and forth. Currently attempting to resolve via my credit card.

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