Keegan Chambers


I am reporting this individual as I had advertised a motorcycle for sale. He contacted me and said that he would set up payment through PayPal. He also stated that he would pick up the PayPal fees and PICKUP and SHIPMENT charges. He reassured me that payment was made to PayPal, which I had not received confirmation. He along with another individual posing as the pickup company sent an email to me stating that I needed to send 900.00 for the pickup of the merchandise. I even received an email in Spam from PayPal stating that I needed to wire them 900.00 and send them the information through a link on their email, I sent the email to spoof at PayPal. I just want to make sure these email addresses are turned in because I don’t want other people getting scammed and possibly financially hurt by them.. I demand Public Awareness of this email address and name. Stay away

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