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We hired Brian Thomas Keenan of Keenan Carpentry located on Van Buren Rd in Caribou, Maine for a home remodel job. We thought we were in good hands as we used them in 2018 on a small roofing job and they seemed fast and professional, however this time around all his skilled staff has left and he doesn’t personally work on anything. | We were quoted $26,300 for large remodel job and after paying 2/3 ($8000, then $9,000 2 weeks later) of the job we were lucky to get 1/3 of the work done and 1/3 of the materials dropped off over the course of 3 months. He refuses to answer our requests to work out some kind of partial refund or material drop off. We had to fire him in order to move on with another contractor. | Living in Northern Maine there is a short window of time when the weather is good enough to do outdoors renovation and construction. During the course of the work they did do, our property was damaged (ie. scuffs on floors, large scratches in walls and hard wood stairs, lawn torn up, etc.) and I had to constantly clean up after them. | We played phone tag with Brian trying to get answers, he lied to us, told us material were ordered when they hadn’t been, said he was planning to work on days that he never showed up and never called. The last time we called him he told my husband, “Shut the F*** up” and hung up on him. I came home one night only to find out that they had done a whole room with pine board that was damaged with large gauges in it and broken grooves on the tongue and groove, misaligned seams and crudely cut outlet holes etc that did not line up. | When he came over to discuss this, he said, “well at least I hope you are satisfied with the quality of our work,” I then asked him if he had seen the upstairs since “his guys” started working, and he hadn’t. When he saw what was wrong he blamed it on Collins Hardware that had supplied the wood. I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t have inspected this prior to putting it up. | At one point on our job he admitted to me that he had spent our money on another job and asked me to go pay for windows. Windows that I was previously told were already ordered. I have numerous texts and pictures and proof of this and would willing to supply to anyone that has any questions. I have also contacted the BBB and the state. | He is not licensed and would never provide us with a contract for either job he did for us. We checked and it is against the law to do work on a homeowner’s property without a contract if the job is over $3000. Shortly after we fired him we found out that he has done this same scam to several other people including a firefighter that lives down state in Portland but has a house up her and he was conned out of aprox $37,000 for a garage build.

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