Keep your kids away from Superstar Karate!


So I got a membership of Superstar Karate for my 6-year-old daughter. And before I say anything else, let me tell you that Iím a professional physical therapist and I know how the joints work. So my daughter started going to their campus on a regular basis, but one day we received a call from the officials, they were claiming that my daughter has injured herself and we should come and get her. I drove there and picked up my daughter. She was crying from the pain in her right shoulder. First I took her to the hospital and then to the ice cream parlour to make her happy. On the way home I asked her where exactly does she feel the pain and she told that she was feeling it right in the middle of her shoulder. So as I told you before, I am a physical therapist and pain in the middle of the shoulder is a sign of a rotator cuff injury. If you donít know, a rotator cuff injury happens when the shoulder is elevated in an internally rotated position, you can try it out right now, internally rotate your shoulder and then elevate your elbow as high as possible, you will feel a burning discomfort in your shoulder. It is also known as shoulder impingement and this is a very serious injury. I examined my daughter and I was actually right, she did have an acute case of shoulder impingement, however, getting a shoulder impingement requires a lot of repetitive resistance in the internally rotated position. The next day I went to the Superstar Karate with my daughter to see what type of training they actually provide to the kids and what I saw clarified how my daughter got such a serious injury at such a sensitive stage. All the kids were doing really bad exercises which didnít follow the physiological nature of the body. And the instructors themselves had no idea about these exercises as well. The trainers at Superstar Karate were totally careless and they didnít give a darn about the kidsí health and wellness. The way that the ďexpertsĒ at Superstar Karate are training the children is very harmful and they are going to do more damage than good. If you want to encourage your child towards fitness, then make him or her run and let them play outside. Sending them to a place like Superstar Karate, where uneducated morons are the certified trainers, is going to just make their lives miserable. This is a poorly managed training place that should be either closed or get a renovation. I would advise everyone to stay away from this place and make sure. Kids are really prone to some serious injuries and if you donít pay attention to their training, they might be doing some serious damage to their body. I hope that you learn something from my horrible experience at Superstar Karate.

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