Keeping a Clean House Review


On Two separate occasions I hired this company to perform housecleaning services using a voucher purchased trough “Deal Chicken” One the first occasion they called to advise they were coming two hours earlier then scheduled. I was not going to be home during that time and asked them to come later. When I questioned they indicated that was the all they could do. I was not pleased that they were going to be cleaning my house while I was not there as this was the first time they were coming. I reluctantly agreed because my husband made arrangements to be in his home office and I was in a bind since they pretty much said take it or leave it. The cleaning job was OK but not really anything spectacular. I had to provide my own equipment because what they brought was not doing a very good job. The timing was extremely inconvenient and they gave no apologies only excuses. On the second attempt to use this company, I asked that they clean my mothers home which was smaller. I called two weeks out and they could not accommodate me within the time frame requested so I took an appointment outside of the designated voucher times. The appointment was a window of time as they could not commit to a specific time. I accepted and asked my parents to wait for two hours for them to come.

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