Keith Johns from Monrovia, CA San Gabriel Valley


This is a warning for anyone who is considering being involved with Keith Johns who is 40 years old, has tattoos, ear piercings, drives a hummer. Keith Johns is a reckless sociopath who conceals truth and motive. He has a long array of woman tangled in his web. Putting the warning about there after hearing so much in the past ten years alone and his wreckless disregard for human life. As a family friend I cant not understand this mans selfishness for his family and daughter. He has a wonderful loving family and he has turned his back on them.Keith only cares about himself. He has been this way from day one since a teenager and will never change. Knowing him when he was younger we felt he would eventually grow out of his ways and mature up but he has only gotten worse and has hurt hundreds of woman. He is a known liar and will create many stories portraying himself as a victim. Also there are other children of his that he refuses to acknowledge. Only so much I can reveal here but Keith Johns is not someone you would ever want to be involved with. So many woman he is involved with do not know each other, or if they find out by his reputation or by friends ..they are aware of a couple woman involved with him atm, that is only the tip of the ice berg. He will tell you that his exes are stalkers and crazy…yet he is the one that actively pursues them. Its a number game for him.He loves to get messy and create triangles against other female friends. He loves the thought of friends fighting over him and jealous over him, he gets off on it. He will lie and deny to you, scream act crazy denying that he is cheating while doing in practically in their face. Thats his MO, and he loves contol.He is full of excuses..He starts of at first wonderful showering the new girl with affection, gifts, flowers. This is the trophy girl and then he has other less attractive girls on the side. He quickly will say, he loves her. Hearing he Does not want to wear protection still and that is a huge concern with us. Typically After a month he is over it and on to the next victim. His phrase that he throws around ‘dont hate the player’, and ‘the best p**** is new p****. ‘He has a vicous temper, has pulled a knife on his own mother. With His daughter’s mother he kicked her out of his place, put her through hell and then wrote his daughter off in court so he didn’t have to pay child support. His ex-wife cheated on her and used her for money for years.

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