Keith Kessel


This contractor back on December 2017 requested 50% of the down payment for repairs to be done at my property . We had hired him to do some work on the house which we really needed to put a lot of pressure to be completed on the agreed time frame . Under promises that he would buy the materials the following days of our departure we left thinking that he has got the message on the importance to complete the jobs in a regular way as to progress weather permitting to the completion of the repairs. He finally started to work on the 2nd week of February and to my surprise he requested and insist on another down payment to which we really do not think that it was a good idea since previously he did not fully completed a fully paid job prior to mine , since I had rejected the idea to hand more money I was threatened that the job will not be completed after just few days at work , now he says he will only complete repairs that will not cover the deposit , this person is not a business man and we need to warn people about his ways to make deals and how they might end and when ,it takes him as twice as much to complete 90% of the jobs signed for

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