Keller Williams Westfield Real Estate Midvale Utah Review


The buyers agent for our home was Nathan Linnell (Ft. Union branch). After over a month of negotiations my sell fell through due to your agent going to the city and placing a lein on my home. The inspector told me that the best thing to have done was not to even say anything. I remodeled my attic with a professional remodeler and the only thing I was missing was a little insulation in my attic. I decided to have the 1st and 2nd floor appraised and not the attic, giving up that space for free for the buyer. I was willing to let the house go for 187,000 (appraised value) instead of dropping the buyers instead of the agreed upon 210,000 dollars. I was giving up 23,000 dollars plus I was paying all the closing costs just so I could get into another house that I loved. I was losing over 40,000 of materials and time just to get into another house. Now I and the buyers are out of a house. This Nathan Linell guy needs to learn to communicate better and he would be a litter richer, I would be in the house I wanted and the buyers would have a completely remodeled house for much much cheaper than the original contract. Basically I was giving up the attic space for free. Now I have a lien on my house and I have to tear it all out and for what – to hear an inspector tell me that no one should have said anything. Nice, thanks Keller Williams and thanks to your well trained staff. I will never sell to another buyer that is represented by your company. nMitchnMidvale, UtahU.S.A.

841 N. 900 W. Midvale, Utah U.S.A.


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