Kelley Anne San Antonio, Texas Texas


I met my husband in December of 2010, right after I had been dumped by my former fiancÚ. When we met we were both heart broken, miserable, and very drunk. Even though I felt hopeless, he saw something in me and in my mind saved me from the destructive life I was living. In many ways I saved him too. We weren’t serious a first, but eventually he moved in with me in August of 2011. By October I was pregnant we were both so happy with the baby on the way, and things were going great. February 23rd, 2012 Kelley Anne, a girl he used to mess around with, sent him a message on Facebook while I was asleep. From my cell phone he responded and the two of them got into a very detailed sexting time of conversation all from my cell phone. When I found the messages I lost it! I was 4 months pregnant in love with a cheater! I confronted him and he explained that they had a sexual relationship sometime in the summer of 2011. He made it clear that it was nothing more, she didn’t mean anything to him, and then he made it clear that he didn’t believe sexting was cheating. I should have left then but of course I didn’t. || I sent her a very long message asking her to back off, I explained that we were having a baby, that we lived together, and obviously that he was MINE! She responded stating that she didn’t know who I was, she then got very upset and said she didn’t want anything to do with him and would never speak to him again. Well she lied! I had the baby in July of 2012, a beautiful little girl and things were going great! I took time off work to stay home with our daughter, and got him a job at a restaurant at the hotel I work at. Well less than two weeks after getting the job this whore came into the restaurant, and the messages started again. She of course sent the first one, and the sexting began again. By this time he had his own phone, I caught him sexting her while we were in the middle of a sit down dinner. I of course lost it again! I couldn’t believe this whore would do this again, knowing he had a new born at home. I confronted her again and she acted like I had stolen him from her, like I was doing something wrong. She started to call and text him all day long, so I blocked her number. Then they started to message on Facebook, Skype, dirty pictures to his email begging him to screw her. I shut of the internet, so then she started to call from her job. Eventually they met up and she paid for a motel room at the motel 6 downtown. They had sex, apparently they did this several times. Enough for to give him an STD! || One night we had a huge fight I was done with this, I didn’t want to be cheated on while I’m at home taking care of the baby. So I kicked him out and he was so quick to split I followed him, screaming baby and all. What do you know less than ten minutes after kicking him out she’s outside waiting to pick him up. They drove off and left me balling my eyes out with a screaming baby in my arms. I got very sick and ended up in the hospital, he eventually came back. While I was in the hospital having surgery she was sending him naked pictures and calling him all hours of the night. While he worked at the restaurant my mom would watch the baby, he would stay out with Kelley till 4am some nights. She would even wait outside of my house for my mom to leave so she could see him. I was in the hospital for two weeks, I had a major surgery and almost died. She cared nothing for me, my family, the destruction she was causing. To this very day she will not even speak to me woman to woman. This continued until December of 2012 as far as I know. It’s wrecked my home, my dream of having a little family. Crushed me in every way, and she gets away scott free. This is Kelley Anne the whore! She’s from Grandbury Texas, She has also lived in Cali, and Fort Worth Texas. Ladies watch out for this one! I can no longer look at myself, I can’t stand how awful this all made me feel.

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