Kelley Fernandez – Cape Coral, Florida Florida


How pathetic some of the people we work with are…. Including those in high roles…… It is disgraceful to the rest of us who have learned this washed-up 40 something year old Kelley Fernandez started fooling around with a co-worker. It was pretty obvious from fellow co-workers seeing her leave work at exactly the same time each day (so they could walk to their cars together). This crossed both a moral and professional boundaries that is sure to cloud work in the future. What company wants to take on the risk of hiring someone with a known and admitted track record for not working with the highest professional moral (on the clock or not). Trash cheats on their spouse(s)… Cheats with a co-worker while other spouse(s) were unaware. This makes for disgusting human beings!! As an onlooker, it appeared as if the developing affair was done so willingly, no problem!! Not sure all the details, but word gets around quick (hotel rooms; oral sex; and making out in parking lots (really are we in Jr high?). Desperate people do desperate things!!! In the end loved was professed, for which was not reciprocated, later adding being left broken hearted (overhearing as I was leaving work one afternoon). LOL, well that happens when you make up fantasies in your head. This is the definition of HOMEWRECKER. This miserable person now holds the title so many woman disgrace “the mistress/the other woman”. Men are pigs, but for a married women to do this with a knowingly married man is disgraceful and will have to live the rest of life with this on her conscious. I hope all the negative repercussions for the affair on all parties involved were worth the effort made by Kelley Fernandez.

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