Kelli Cee Cantrell – Ft. Stockton, Texas Texas


This immature 40 something pathetic, desperate woman had an affair with my husband and continued after I confronted her and told her he was married. By the way, she looks nothing in person like she represents herself on fb. I know it takes 2 to do the deed but I was not going to let go of a marriage of 27 years and let this woman have him so easy. There’s more to the story as to why he did it but this woman was just a game and she caught the bait… easy. She continued pursing him, posting on fb she was in a relationship with him. She sent me horrible text messages telling me she wants me gone so they can be together. She said she will wait for him always. She was dumped by my husband and she can’t accept the fact we are together, working things out. She tried to get her “babe” jealous one night by making out with 3 different men at the bar and being filthy drunk, falling on the floor at the bar. She works with the Texas Department of Health and Human Services with child protective services as a home based worker and is suppose to uphold a good reputation to the public. She’s a bully and a horrible person. Watch your men around her. She likes married men and doesn’t care being a homewrecker.

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