Kellie Steed – Elmira, New York New York


Kellie worked with myself and my boyfriend of 6 years while I was pregnant with our 2nd child. They decided to get involved and she proceeded to do everything in her power to physically remove me from my own family. Blatantly telling him to ‘get rid of her’ ‘take your kids and lie to her’ etc. Shes pure evil, and the worst kind of human being I’ve ever known. To not only involve yourself with a man in a very open relationship and family but then to actively try and make the situation worse. I approached her on more than one occasion, one of them ending physically, and every single time she would deny being involved with him at all. Even long after it was clear there was an affair going on she remained an evil coward. To this day she stalks my social media and tries to make me mad when they are no longer involved. I pity her for having no life of her own that she must spend so much time trying to ruins others.

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