Kelly Ann Trance – Fruit Cove, Florida Florida


Alright guys, the Wh*** of the decade award goes toooooo, Kelly Trance. She may look like a wholesome old lady, however don’t be fooled! This one loves happy hour and going out and getting wasted. She thrives for attention from married men and will do ANYTHING to get that D. I mean this isn’t even a joke, she will do anything to just get laid. It started as such an early age when she was passed around in high school that I think she must have just gotten used to being used by men that don’t care for her. I guess that’s pretty irrelevant because it still doesn’t change the person that she is. I kid you not this woman has literally had Craigslist ads, and is on the dating sites. So sad that she is doing that to her daughter who I am sure could have a bright future if her fake trashy mother could actually sober up and clean up her act. She plays this fake fašade that she has it all together. But seriously women watch your husbands, boyfriends and sons probably. This one is a winner! She is ruthless! Probably the biggest trash around!

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