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Complaint: Took my Dodge Ram 1500 to Kelly Clark with automatic transmission shifting bad. This was in March 02. I bought the truck new.It’s a 1994. The transmission had never been worked on before and had absolutely mo leaks. $1433.00 later they had rebuilt my tranny(with my ok)and it has leaked ever since. They have had it back at least four times to correct the leaks, but it always leaks again. Their warranty states “12 months/12000 miles.I always got it back to them under this warranty time. The last attempt of them to fix it was 10-01-03. Guess what. Still leaks. Turns out they send their tranny work out to Cottman Transmission. When I picked up my truck this last time from Kelly Clark

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Address: they try to blame the situation on Cottman. I am now told by the service manager at Kelly Clark to take it myself to Cottman. Oh

Website: warranty of leaks. This the only warranty on this repair. There are no other warranties expressed or implied from Cottman Transmission repairs or from Kelly Clark on this repair””. I guess when you can’t fix the problem

Phone: and on my last invoice from KC

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