Kelly Fox – Orlando, Florida Florida


This old hag is pushing 50 and thinks she’s hot sh!t because she is a store manager for Victorias Secret in Winter Garden FL. She dug her claws into a much younger married father of two small children, knowing full well he was married, and convinced him that he was unhappy and that she would make him happy. She seduced him and he left his family to live with her and her degenerate druggie daughter. She didn’t care what this did to his wife or his kids. She only thought of herself and what she wanted. She is a horrible human being with no conscience and is disgusting. Old and nasty. Stop acting like a child and raise your own the right way. Nice example you are setting for her, you worthless scum, sorry excuse of a woman! Your the sh!t stain now, considering he woke up and realized what a tremendous mistake he made with your horrible self and begged his wife to forgive him. Left you in the dust. You are nothing and will always be nothing.

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