Kelly Garner Saunders Blue Springs, Missouri Missouri


I found out August 2012 that my husband was having an affair with Kelly Garner Saunders, my daughters 4th grade teacher. I had known her since 2009. She gave my daughter preferential treatment and told me it was because she reminded her or her own daughter. She also confided in me that she was going through a divorce and rough times. My daughter loved her and accidentally called her mom sometimes because Kelly and I favor each other. Little did I know that she was planning to steal my life. || I had thoughts that things were going on with my husband the fall of 2010, but had no proof at that time. He left me and my our 3 kids on Christmas Day 2011. He was in and out of the house after that. Seemed to always disappear around holidays which were her days off. Summer of 2012 was when I had just about had enough and our daughter found condoms in his car. I confronted him and a fight broke out. He disappeared for a while and then was pissed when I wouldn’t let him see the kids if I didn’t have an address where he was staying. He ended up telling me that he was staying with Kelly. I filed for divorce. He didn’t like that much and came crawling home and promising me the Moon and telling me she was nothing but a mistake. She started lighting his phone up and writing him novels about her love for him and how I (Amy) was coming between them and causing her not to be able to see her boyfriend. She told him that our marriage would never work (19 years together) and that she would be waiting when it went south. || One night he went to see her, said that he was ending it for good. I went to her house and I slashed their tires. She filed charges; the court dismissed them because she was a whore who was sleeping with the married fathers of her students. I smiled and held my husbandís hand in front of her and that’s all I needed to let her know that she couldn’t be me or steal my life. She since has tried to cause issues. Texting me to not trust him (which I don’t think I ever will) and she hacked his Facebook and tried hacking mine. We know this because Facebook tells you where you were logged in last. It so happened to be Blue Springs Missouri, where she lives. We have since relocated to another state and she still is trying to reach out to him through emails. I don’t know how this crazy ass bitch can be trusted with children.

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